How often should a piano be tuned?

The only correct answer is: "As often as it needs it."

There are two reasons for tuning a piano. The first is, of course, to make its sound enjoyable and musically correct.

The second reason is to avoid deterioration of the piano.

A piano that has been allowed to significantly out of tune is difficult to retune, sometimes requiring several tunings before it settles.

In addition, an out-of-tune piano is subject to string tensions that are different from those the piano was designed for, occasionally causing structural changes and other problems.

The number of tunings needed to keep a piano sounding good has much to do with the listener.

A concert piano, for example, is often tuned daily or between every performance.

Not only is the concert artist likely to be particular but it is presumed that many of those who attend the concert will have excellent musical ears.

Few amateur pianist require that frequency of tuning, but most would be displeased with the sound if the piano were not tuned at least every six months.

A beginning pianist might not even recognize when a piano is out of tune, but it is important in the development of his musical ear that the piano be kept in tune.

Manufacturers' association recommend that all pianos be tuned at least once a year four times in the first year.


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