Hammond... a perfect blend of famous "Hammond Sound" and performance in a beautifully design instrument.



The sound and feel of the world-famous Hammond b-3 Organ has been captured in the all-new XB-3... "the B-3 of the 90īs."

Utilizing new DRH sampling technology, the XB-3 faithfully recreates the pure harmonic sound of the B-3 AND those idiosyncrasies of the tonewheel generator.

Even the look and feel of the keyboards is the same. The total effect of the XB-3 is the sound, look, and feel of the B-3. And it weighs less than 200 lbs. instead of over 400.

There's more. The XB-3 is MIDI compatible and Leslie ready. Any 11-pin Leslie Speaker cabinet can be plugged directly into the XB-3.

See the all-new Hammond XB-3 today!

Put the POWER of HAMMOND and Leslie to work for you!

Leslie Speakers

The Leslie speaker is designed to fully enhance the "total sound" of multi-channel organs. Designed specifically for use with four-channel instruments, the addition of three stationary channels to the rotary speaker system highlights the richness and texture of the entire organ.

Very few names have endured like Hammond. Unparallel in history. Hammond has become a trusted name in America. Hammond is quality you can count on and innovation you can take to the bank.

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